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A colorful blue waistbead, with single beads in blue, and red, with a touch of gold. Handmade in Kumasi, Ghana. max lenght 110 cm/43.3 inch (Model is wearing multiple waistbeads layered, price is per piece)

Product Information

Our waistbeads are handmade by Ghanaian women in Kumasi, Ghana. By purchasing our waistbeads you support local business and female black ownership. You are embracing ancestral wisdom and divine femininity. Waistbeads are traditionally worn on the waist/hips by women of African descent. Traditionally the waistbeads are only for you or your beloved one to see. Traditions change, in this day and age the waist area is more visible. It’s up to you to wear them in a way that feels most comfortable with you. The waistbeads aren’t just a beautiful accessory, they have a traditional meaning as well. They stand for fertility, child baring and the beads are also
believed to evoke female sensuality. They help with weight control and keep a feminine
shape while training the stomach. Different cultures and tribes also put meaning behind the beads due to the color they have. 

Size or Dimensions

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 max lenght 110 cm/43.3 inch

Product Details

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Waistbeads with blue and gold and a few single colored beads. Handmade in Kumasi, Ghana. max lenght 110 cm/43.3 inch

Special Instructions

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Because women come in different shapes and sizes, you can adjust according to your waist/hips measurements.

Traditionally waistbeads are worn 24/7, and some wear them for years. Remember once you tied up the waistbeads, you cant take them off.  If you do want to take them off occasionally, make sure your waistbeads have the lenght of the widest part of your body. So you can take them out like a shirt. (Check our Insta highlight TOMA-which means waistbeads- for a visual example) 

  • Step 1: Decide where you want to wear your waistbeads

Waistline: Measure at the waist (naval area). Some choose to use this placement for weight control, while training the stomach. Beads will slide down during weight loss, and roll up when weight is gained. 

Hip area: Traditionally beads are worn right above the hip area. where the beads can rest under your clothes. 

  • Step 2: Measure your chosen body area, hips or waist,or somewhere in between.
  • Step 3: Make sure the waistbeads have the same lenght measurements by carefully taking some beads out
  • Step 4: Put the waistbeads around your waist, check if the waistbeads lay comfortable with a little wiggle room. If so, make a double knot
  • Step 5: Cut the excess rope, not to close to the knot. In time the excess rope will automatically curl up. 
  • Step 6: Enjoy your waistbeads! We hope it connects you to your divine self.